Vehicles' Bulb Size Guide

For best assist you and help you find the correct bulb size for your vehicle, here is bulb size guide for our reference. Yet it can't guarantee 100% accuracy, please check the owner manual or the original bulb size and dimension before purchasing. Click here for more informaton about the vehicle's bulb size's guide.
Alla Lighting LED Headlight Troubleshooting

LED Headlight Toubleshooting

When install the aftermarket led headlight, because led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps, for some vehicles, especially some European or newest model vehicles, it may trigger different issues, such as blinking or error code,etc. How to solve the issue and enjoy the wonderful trip by upgrading the led headlight? For more informaton, please visit here

L​ED Turn Signal Light Troubleshooting

Turn signal light is so important for safer driving and luxury looking. Upgrading the stock halogen / incandescent turn signal light lamps to led bulbs for much more brightness and much safer driving, easily noticed while turn signal. Yet due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamps, you may meet different issues, please visit here for further assistance.